Intersectional feminism is essential to the well-being of our society. It’s about creating a level playing field for all human beings without discriminatory regard to one’s gender, or sex. The California College Democrats stands by the affirmative action policies of the California Democratic Party which promote more equitable representation at all levels of society and government. In California, where women make up about fifty percent of the current population, but only twenty-five percent of the state legislature, we know the fight for gender parity is far from over. We are the proud home of progressive icons such as our two legendary Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Attorney General Kamala Harris, and dozens of female U.S. Representatives.

Supporting a woman’s right to choose and have control over her medical decisions is crucial to an equal society. That is why the California College Democrats are strong proponents of groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL. We know that access to health care should be affordable to all women and accessible in all communities, not just those that can afford them. Moreover, we stand by the policies and programs that expand equitable and comprehensive women’s reproductive health coverage statewide.

Equal pay for equal work, as well as progressive childcare and maternity leave policies are crucial to advancing women’s stature in the workplace and their economic stature in the larger economic context. We support the Violence Against Women Act, and believe that fighting for women’s rights is something that both men and women should be actively engaged in and would like to see a revived Equal Rights Amendment brought forth nationwide. Educating young people on the issues of women’s rights is absolutely essential to creating a society that is equal both in the law and in practice.