The Statewide Action Team (SWAT) is primarily responsible for assisting the Political Director in organizing CCD Chapters in statewide political initiatives and projects (most importantly, campaign invasions).
Members are primarily responsible for communicating information to assigned chapters and acting as a liaison between assigned chapters and the CCD E-Board.
From time to time, the Political Director may turn to SWAT for assistance in his/her responsibilities as listed by the bylaws (below):

  1. Develop a campaign plan in conjunction with the CYD Political Director during election years.
  2. Monitor all legislation and candidates relevant to College students on the state and federal level and make regular reports on them.
  3. Draft resolutions for consideration at general membership meetings.
  4. Research and report on ways College students can participate in the legislative and political process.

Please be honest in answering questions below. Not having any experience in these areas will not necessarily preclude you from a position on SWAT. Responses need not exceed 150 words.

Any questions please email Kevin Sabo at