Results are in - Reg and Pledge Winners!

Results are in - Reg and Pledge Winners!

The results are in and we are proud to announce the winners in our first ever Reg and Pledge competition. The Reg and Pledge program was an unprecedented success; it markedthe largest field operation in the history of the California College Democrats, leading to theidentification and contacting of thousands of college students. The program was critical to our messaging and advocacy efforts on behalf of Proposition 30 and for Democratic causes and candidates across the state.

Our top three chapters in identifying supporters are as follows:
1) Sacramento State College Democrats
2) College Democrats at UC Santa Cruz
3) Cal Berkeley Democrats

We also recognize the school who identified the largest percentage of their student body as supporters: the University of Redlands College Democrats. Congratulations to our winners and a special thank you to our over 30 chapters that participated in the competition!

We look forward to expanding this program in years to come. 

Thank you for all your hard work,

Bryce Farrington
Vice-President, Membership

California College Democrats