Racial Justice

Americans are entitled to fundamental civil and human rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and it has become a top priority duty of the California College Democrats to stand up for fellow Americans whose rights are denied and suppressed throughout the United States. Injustice knows no borders and neither does our commitment to ensuring the law is enforced equitably and fairly to all American citizens.

On the other side, "small government" conservatives love to expand government to abuse the rights of American citizens and undocumented residents by implementing laws and policies that explicitly allow discrimination in the workplace, public institutions and even in our neighborhoods. In 2010, Arizona's State Senate introduced SB1070 in which grants police authority to stop civilians who seem to look "illegal" by encouraging racial profiling. Many Republican presidential candidates even openly advocate for xenophobic and racist governmental policies like deportation, denial of refugees, crackdowns on religious communities like Muslims, and actively push for the subjugation of Black, Latinx, Asian, and LGBTQ+ Americans. In other states, racial profiling and uneven application and enforcement of the law by authorities have taken a turn for the worst.

Justice has yet to be served for people like Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant, and many others who are being murdered by law enforcement officers who act beyond the standard of appropriate behavior by extra-judiciously executing Black and Latin@ Americans with impunity. Too often, Americans in poor communities of color must face the harsh reality that any interaction with police officers may be their last and even for successful Americans of color living in privileged situations they must face a multitude of discrimination, stereotyping, and outright racist behavior by those around them.

The California College Democrats stand firmly behind the law and the government - two things in which Democrats are experts - and wholeheartedly support law enforcement officers. However, highlighting the epidemic of bad policing by bad police officers is not done with the intention to impune the police but rather to simply raise awareness about the injustice that occurs in our own judicial system and how "broken-window" policing - in which aggressive police officers target poor and destitute communities for the sake of revenue - are as detrimental for our communities of color as segregation, slavery, internment, and genocide were. Today, Americans of color and ethnic minorities face the residual effects of our racist past and must strive twice as hard as privileged Americans to even survive. We do not live in a post-racial society and therefore must deal with the effects of racism and discrimination inherent in the laws of our society. To stand silent in the face of injustice puts one on the side of the oppressor. Therefore, the California College Democrats will always stand on the side of civil rights activists whether they be in the Black Lives Matter movement or any other movement which seeks to atone the nation for its history of racial injustice.