Meet the CCD Delegates to the DNC!

Meet the CCD Delegates to the DNC!

The Democratic Convention is exciting for all of us, from watch parties at our school to phonebanks up the wazzoo, but it’s an especially exciting week for some of our California College Democrats members, as they’re delegates at the convention! Tonight, former President Clinton nominated President Obama. Let’s meet the people who are voting for him.

This year, many CCD members chose to run to be a delegate to the convention, and here are some of their thoughts on running to be a delegate and going to the convention:

From Michelle Elmer – The most exciting part [of running to be a delegate] was the camaraderie of election day (although it was nerve-wracking at the same time) I was part of a wonderful Obama For America-endorsed slate, which I owe a huge thanks to Calvin Kia Abassi for. Plus, having the election on our campus may have giving us (me and Ty) the “home turf” advantage. The difficult part
was bringing in voters – it’s tough to get people to commit to coming in on a Sunday afternoon! …. [I’m excited for] the opportunity to meet and network with democrats from all across the nation, and to hear politicians from all over the nation speak up close and personal. Plus, I was told that you get so much “swag” that you would be well advised to bring an extra suitcase to bring it all
home in!

From Erik Anciaux: I’m most excited to vote for Barack Obama to be the Democratic Nominee for the office of the President of the United States of America. I decided to run to be a DNC delegate because I wanted to see more young people and students represented in the Democratic Party. The most difficult thing was asking my friends to drive an hour and a half to vote for me. The most exciting thing was having them say yes.

From Sam Mahood – I still remember sitting in my parents’ living room watching then Illinois State Senator Obama speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. His vision of hope was exactly what we needed during the darkest of the Bush years…I knew that it would be a tough race [to become a delegate] and I knew that I would have to fundraise in order to afford the trip. It was the chance to re-nominate the President, and to be a part of history at the very center of Democratic politics, that made me realize I had to give the DNC delegate election a shot… To have entered college as a Freshman with a passion for Democratic politics but unsure of where to begin, and to graduate as a delegate to the DNC is an amazing feeling. I owe it all to the opportunities and experiences I had through Davis College Democrats.

From Ty Halen – I decided to run for the DNC to take my involvement another step further. I’ve greatly enjoyed being a CDP delegate and I’ve seen that collectively, California and I are generally on the same page. However, there are numerous other parts of the country where the environment, education, and LGBT rights are in critical jeopardy (if any consideration for those subjects exist at all). I felt that taking the initiative to run to be in the DNC was the right decision to help my brothers and sisters across the country…The most difficult part about running was going against my Assemblyman, who is running for reelection in conjunction with Congressman Howard Berman…I’m extremely excited to see all the different events and the people to meet.

From Max Perry – I ran to organize and agitate for progressive change. We need delegates to attend the national convention who will fight for the issues students and all young people care about– lack of jobs, rising cost of education, environmental protection, single payer health care for all. I’m willing to pursue the vision we as young Democrats believe in and stand up to special interests to achieve our goals… It was very fun to run with other young Democrats and to know that other young folks were running all around the nation. Together, we will give voice to our generation.

Check back tomorrow and Thursday for more convention updates!