Marriage Equality

Ensuring equality for every American, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity has always been a priority for our organization. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote, "No longer may this liberty be denied." Although a long-term goal of the LGBTQ+ community has been realized, marriage equality, the fight for full acceptance in our nation and even our state is not over.

We will not stop fighting for equality until everyone including transgender people of all races and backgrounds are equal in every way. The fight for equality goes beyond marriage. Immigration reform, race relations, income equality, employment discrimination, health disparities, and access to quality, affordable education are all intersectional with the fight for LGBTQ+ equality.

Even in California, violence towards the LGBTQ+ communities continues in many of our communities. In such a liberal state as ours, this is unacceptable, and we will continue to advocate for the safety and acceptance of LGBTQ+ Americans.
Moreover, we must not only reform our minds, but institutional oppression as well. It is still a reality in many states for LGBTQ+ people are able to get married, but be fired from their jobs, denied housing, safety in their communities, and comprehensive health coverage.

Addressing health disparities in poor LGBTQ+ communities of color is a top priority for the California College Democrats. As a statewide group of students, accessing health care affordably can be a challenge and although California’s health care system is fairly equitable, it is sometimes not comprehensive enough to ensuring all communities are free from sexually-transmitted infections and other detrimental health effects.

Another issue facing the LGBTQ+ community is homelessness. Many other Americans come to California seeking acceptance and freedom to love, but because of the challenge to find affordable housing as well as discrimination in the rental housing process in some communities, too many LGBTQ+ youth, seniors, and even college students are forced to face the harsh reality of living unhoused. The California College Democrats are committed to ending this problem.

However, our advocacy is not exclusively limited to California. Discrimination knows no borders and our organization wants to ensure that LGBTQ+ Americans can no longer face discrimination in the workplace, their communities, and in their own homes.
These efforts continue to motivate our organization to work towards a more progressive future. It is now the time to keep the momentum going to ensure true equality for all.