Day of Service

Day of Service

“A full life means giving back to our community as well as our country.” –Michelle Obama

There are many, many reasons why we all support President Obama. But one that’s pretty high up there is that he is a good person. From his start as a community organizer to the legislation he has fought for, he fundamentally cares about people and our nation. Four years ago, Michelle Obama and he began a Day of Service on Martin Luther King weekend (the one prior to the inauguration) to give our nation the opportunity to come together and help one another.

Saturday marks this inauguration’s Day of Service. Every person – from those who did not vote for Obama to those whom phonebanked for him every night – can give back to their community through this day. People around the country will be collecting groceries for foodbanks, cleaning up parks, volunteering at animal shelters, and so much more.

As college students, we can so often be enclosed in the bubble that our campuses provide. But this day marks a time when we can unite with our community – and/or our college democrats chapter! – to do good. As Democrats, we advocate for an equal playing field where all have opportunity to succeed, and this Saturday gives us the chance to be proactive about this.

So take a look at Michelle Obama’s invitation to join, and then sign up for a Day of Service event near you!